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Published: 03/23/2022

Length: 6 Minutes

Price: $8.99 USD


Clip Description:

Many of you have asked me to make my slave "Kindly Obsequious" through facesitting. In this video I try to do it! First I tie his hands behind his back, and then I sit on his face trying not to let him breathe! After more than a minute without air he squirms like crazy, I fight not to let him breathe but every now and then he takes a half breath and the battle continues! When he is completely out of the air, I decide to change tactics: smother him with my huge boobs. I then hug his head and imprison him hopelessly between my big tits. He now exhausted tries to wriggle like a madman, and I hold him with all my strength so as not to let even a breath of air into his lungs! Suddenly then he goes motionless and I realize he has become "Kindly Obsequious", but I continue to smother him for a total of almost 2 minutes!! Eventually I give him a few slaps to get him back from this punishment, and as I untie his hands he still has to figure out how long he's been suffocated airless. LOL This video is for all lovers of extreme breast smothering.

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