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Published: 03/23/2022

Length: 12 Minutes

Price: $12.99 USD


Clip Description:

In this video I am wearing my pink t-shirt, which barely contains my big boobs! I then decide to subject my slave to a series of scissors, first spreading his legs as if they were a pincer, and then squeezing his miserable neck in a very tight grip! I start right away with a very tight sidescissor! I keep him choked in my grip for a full 1 and a half minutes, making him freak out! He tries to ask for air, clap his hand, make signals, but I never relax, I want to see him suffer between my powerful thighs! When I finally loosen my grip, he starts coughing as hard as he can! I then move on to a reversesidescissor, where I choke it for more than a minute! He can't take it anymore, arches his back, changes color, tries to spread my thighs, but without success! I don't give him time to recover, my pincers are ready for a backscissor, which I take to extreme levels! In this case, in fact, it resists a few seconds before going “Kindly Obsequious”. This time I admit that I did not realize the time that passed, because I kept it still very tight for 1 MINUTE between my thighs, closing everything, airways and various flow routes, in fact I no longer heard any sound. I had to give him a minute to recover because the choking I subjected him to was really extreme. So I continue my series of scissors, when I start I can't help but get heavier and heavier, sometimes I can't control myself! You can see it when I lock it in my figurefour between my mighty thighs! When I see that he is about to go into the state of "Kindly Obsequious", but almost resists going to the world of dreams, instead of letting him I use my arms to lift myself and hold even more! At that point he first begins a strange chicken dance with his arms, then he becomes motionless, then the body moves smoothly… in all this 40 seconds have passed since he was in a state of "Kindly Obsequious", for my pure enjoyment! This time, however, I am not very forgiving, because when I leave and he starts various chicken dances to recover, I take his head and squeeze him again between my thighs in a front sidescissor, which immediately sends him back into a state of "Kindly Obsequious". After a long time I free him again, and he is now without strength. He wants to finish the video but I'm not done yet, my ruthless reversescissors are missing! I position him ready to perform it, but he doesn't want to raise his head, and so I dominate him with my voice! Angry for this I decide to tighten to the maximum my reversescissor, and in fact after seconds he becomes "Kindly Obsequious", despite trying to clap his hands on my thighs and my butt! I hold him nice and tight for a full 40 seconds, making sure he can't breathe, and when I open my thighs his head falls to the ground! Then the chicken dance begins, but this time I don't give him time to recover, as soon as he accidentally raises his head in the throes of chicken dance I immediately shrink it to the maximum in a second reversecissor! He makes weird noises and movements, but I don't think he really understands what's going on lol! After 20 seconds he makes other very strange movements, then I squeeze as hard as I can to give him a devastating final squeeze !! When I release him he is without strength and he does not understand anything !! It took him a few days to recover after this round of video lol!

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