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Published: 03/21/2022

Length: 7 Minutes

Price: $9.99 USD


Clip Description:

In this video I'm wearing a tight pink T-shirt that barely holds my huge breasts, and high heels! Also this time I take back one of my favorite games, the choking combo! In fact, I choke my slave with an armchoking, and when he is exhausted I immediately continue to chokehim with my thighs with a backscissor, and with my hands I plug his mouth and nose to keep him smothered in my handsmothering! I play this game 3 times! In all three times he goes "Kindly Obsequious" in my arms in few seconds, and I hold him choked to the maximum for another 30 second (last time for 40 seconds !!). This way he falls on the bed, and I can immediately imprison him between my thighs and choke him for good in my back scissor! To make sure he suffocates, in the last two times I also plug his mouth and nose with my hands! (You will notice the total absence of his breathing in fact). The funny thing is that while he is between my thighs, he starts doing the chicken dance (in the second time he actually stays still for 30 seconds before the chicken dance, but I don't care and I keep him choked anyway!!!), he doesn't understand where he is and why he finds himself choked and suffocated together! But even in that case I do not free him and I keep him suffocated for even a minute at a time making him go into total panic! After this video he had headaches for 3 days as you can also see from the end of the video lol

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