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Published: 03/21/2022

Length: 12 Minutes

Price: $12.99 USD


Clip Description:

This is a second point of view (POV2) of the movie "35) Denim shorts scissor!". Below the description: "Today I am very hot so I decide to wear jeans shorts and a black top to suffocate my slave! He is sitting on the bed, and the temptation is immediately high: immerse his face in my breasts so as not to let him breathe! So I start with two very long breast smothering with my huge boobs to take the air out of him and weaken him right away! While he's still catching his breath, I wrap my thighs around his neck for a tight side scissor! You will see how I look at him amused to see him begging me to loosen my grip, clapping my hand and not even being able to speak as he changes color! So I give it up but immediately I resume with an even tighter reverse sidescissor! Here he begins to panic, and disturb me with his hands to try to loosen his grip while his face is now pretty dark! Annoyed by so much complaining, I decide to submit it to one of my specialties: reverse scissor. Here I do not give it a chance: I squeeze to the maximum and after 8 seconds it becomes "Kindly Obsequious" after having uttered incomprehensible words. For 35 seconds straight I do not loosen my grip by an inch (he will not feel air entering his lungs), and when I leave he is completely still. To punish him first, I immediately sit on his face in an ass smothering so as not to let him get air. After 10 seconds of choking him, the chicken dance begins, then he raises his head but doesn't even realize where he is. I immediately take advantage and squeeze for a second reverse scissor! He doesn't understand anything about what's happening so much that he fixes his mask lol. He immediately returned to the state of "Kindly Obsequious" from which he had probably not yet completely emerged. Maybe I'm exaggerating here because I keep it choked to the maximum for another 50 seconds (I didn't realize I kept it that long!). When I leave him a few seconds pass, and he suddenly gets up coughing not understanding what happens! I was amazed that he recovered so quickly! It means it's still not enough and I can keep choking him! My fun in my jean shorts continues! After the devastating reverse scissors in the first part, my slave seeks comfort by resting his head between my thighs: a serious mistake! Immediately I fit his neck into a figure four, and you know that when I squeeze from 4 sides it is impossible to resist! A few seconds and it becomes "Kindly Obsequious", and begins the meaningless dance with the arms! His attempts to open his mouth are ridiculous, and after 35 seconds I decide to let him breathe: he looks like a fish gasping for air! I don't want to give him time to recover, and immediately block him back in a very tight backscissor! Maybe because I'm exhausted (and maybe because I squeeze a lot!) In 4-5 seconds it goes "Kindly Obsequious"! I wait 40 seconds before loosening my grip and letting him get air back into his lungs! While he is exhausted on the bed, looking at the ceiling, I decide to finish in style, and I get on him to apply my reverse scissors! He tries to ask me to stop but I order him to raise his head to insert it between my buttocks! He knows that if he refuses the consequences for him will be devastating! After uttering incomprehensible words, he goes "Kindly Obsequious" and starts a short chicken dance with his arms, after which he remains motionless and choked for a full 20 seconds! At this point I open my thighs and his head falls to the ground. A new chicken dance starts, and as soon as I feel her head between my buttocks I immediately shrink in a second reverse scissor, keeping in the "Kindly Obsequious" state! This time I'm going heavy and holding him tight for 45 seconds at most, during which time you won't feel a breath of air enter his lungs. So I loosen my grip and his head falls on the bed, and I look at him satisfied to have devastated him, until he slowly gets up in total confusion!"

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