34) Leather choking fantasy! – POV2

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Published: 03/19/2022

Length: 10 Minutes

Price: $11.99 USD


Clip Description:

This is a second point of view (POV2) of the movie "34) Leather choking fantasy! ". Below the description: On this occasion I wear leather pants, to make my slave experience new sensations while I choke him! I start right away with some very tight armchoking. At the first 2 he begs me to stop because he was about to become "Kindly Obsequious", but on the third attempt I get fed up and decide not to give up! I keep him choked to the maximum possible for 30 seconds in order to completely submit him to my will! When I let him breathe he falls on the bed and starts doing the usual chicken dance, positioning himself between my thighs .... what more inviting invitation for me to squeeze my thighs and start choking him again ?! Here she feels the leather pants tight on the sides of her neck in a tight backscissor! he tries to moan "I can't breathe" but I ignore him and keep holding him very tight and suffocated! I finally free him and he gets some fresh air and the natural color on his face! He looks exhausted already, but I immediately trap him in a very tight sidescissor! This time he can't even speak for how long I hold. He claps his hand on my thigh to surrender but I continue the same for my amusement! After a very long and tight choke he is exhausted, weak, but I do not give him respite, and I resume with a reversesidescissor! I don't think he understands anything here, because he tries to put his hands on my thighs to try to train, but he immediately becomes "Kindly Obsequious" and starts making strange movements with his body and incomprehensible sounds. I keep him choked as much as I can for a good 30 seconds, but one of these movements unlocks something and he comes back to himself, and at that point I make him breathe again! At this point he was completely out of air, and I don't know if he will be able to withstand the next chokings! My fun of choking him while dressed in leather continues! If you bought the first part of the video, you will have seen that at this point he is already weak and stunned, from all the chokes he has already suffered! I continue first by applying a figure four that gives him a minimum of breath, but to the second figure four I have no mercy! He tries in every way to tell me that he can't hold it, but I don't care and I continue to hold it even though he begins to do a strange dance with his arms. In fact, he becomes "Kindly Obsequious" and I continue to squeeze until he calms down with the movements maintaining the grip for 30 seconds abundant. As soon as I leave him the chicken dance starts, and I don't understand how much he is understanding something! lol I still don't care and from behind the choke with a very tight backscissor, and he immediately becomes "Kindly Obsequious" again and maybe this time I really exaggerate, because for 40 seconds I do not loosen even a millimeter of the grip. After I leave him, the chicken dance begins and he stretches out on the side of the bed with his hand on his forehead, as if to think it's over and he can finally rest. But I don't think about it at all! I approach immediately and choke him again in a sidescissor that makes him cough and choke! At this point I suddenly get up and decide it's time to torment him with my reverse scissor! I don't give him a chance: I immediately squeeze a lot to send him "Kindly Obsequious" holding the squeeze for 30 seconds before letting his head fall on the bed. I don't even turn around to see how he is: as soon as I feel his head is raised I immediately tighten again to the maximum in a second reverse scissor! I keep another 30 seconds! But he is still so I decide to leave him and see how he is. Sometimes I let myself be taken too much and exaggerate to throttle him! lol At the end there is a small final scene to make it clear that she gets up and is fine!

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