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Published: 03/19/2022

Length: 7 Minutes

Price: $9.99 USD


Clip Description:

In this video I devastate my slave with my reverse scissors, like the cat plays with the mouse! Initially I make him warm up with a front scissor, and then since I start the reverse scissor, I never let him go for the whole video! The first reverse scissor hand it "Kindly Obsequious" right away, and I hold it for 35 seconds. When I leave him he starts doing the chicken dance, and I immediately shrink with my powerful thighs to prevent him from escaping. For 40 seconds he is in terror because he does not know when I will start to tighten to the maximum, and at a certain point to get rid of the thought he says "ok squeeze". I didn't have it repeated twice and immediately I tightened it to the maximum for a second reverse scissor, sending it into a beautiful dream world for a good 30 seconds. In the third reverse scissor he says something incomprehensible, moves his arms at random, and then again becomes "Kindly Obsequious". After 30 seconds something strange happens: with his mouth he makes involuntary movements as if to let in air, but there are no sounds and he does not have the strength to do anything, and his arms make small jerking movements, as if crushing some nerve . This time maybe I exaggerate and bring the choke to 1 minute and 10 seconds before releasing my grip and letting him drop his head to the ground to breathe again. The problem is that the chicken dance starts, and his head ends up in the middle of my thighs again: I thought it was a new invitation to squeeze, but reviewing the video later I realized that it was completely unwanted and involuntary. But now my thighs had begun to choke him mercilessly in another reverse scissor, not realizing that he was in total confusion. This time after 30 seconds he began to move and make crazy noises, so much so that I decided to squeeze more to make him feel good by waiting another 15 seconds before letting him go. After tormenting him mercilessly with my powerful thighs, I leave, and I leave him on the sofa who holds his throat aching in his hands and coughs from the very tight choking he suffered. For all fans of extreme and merciless reverse scissors.

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