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Published: 03/18/2022

Length: 9 Minutes

Price: $9.99 USD


Clip Description:

This is a second point of view (POV2) of the movie "31) Extreme sofa scissor!". Below the description: "It is really comfortable to sit on my sofa, in my yellow top and bra, and use my thighs to mercilessly choke my slave! My thighs wrap around her neck for 2 really tight side scissors. In particular in the second I decide to compress the whole neck to send him "Kindly Obsequious" in a few seconds, making him start the chicken dance thus keeping him another 20 seconds before dropping him to the ground. Time to recover and immediately I squeeze him with a back scissor, so tight that his head explodes! After numerous requests for air, I loosen my grip for a second, and then tighten it again, this time plugging his mouth and nose with my hands to make sure he suffocates completely !! I assure you that staying a minute with the airways closed by my hands and the neck compressed by my thighs can be heaven and hell together! In the end he was exhausted! After a few seconds I apply a scissor figure four! I don't know why but when I use this grip it becomes "Kindly Obsequious" in few seconds, perhaps because I compress arteries and airways from all sides of the neck. The noises it emits while it is still are funny, and even more the chicken dance it makes when I let go! It is so funny to me that I repeat the same hold after a few seconds, keeping him choked with another scissor figure four as much as possible and enjoying his fatigue afterwards to recover! In the end he throws himself on me to seek comfort and rest, but I can't resist and I choke him again with a front scissor, which at a certain point I had to leave because I realized that he was no longer understanding anything and could no longer even manage to clap your hand! lol! After this video he has had neck pains for 3 days in a row !!"

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