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Published: 03/15/2022

Length: 6 Minutes

Price: $9.99 USD


Clip Description:

Many of you have asked me to squeeze my slave's body with my powerful thighs, and here you are satisfied! My legs wrap around my slave's belly, and I squeeze as hard as I can taking his breath away completely! I almost break something lol! After some devastating side bodyscissors, I continue with a back bodyscissor. At that point the temptation is too strong for me: I can't resist wrapping my arm around his neck and choking him as hard as I can while my legs continue to crush his body! At the first armchoking he immediately goes "Kindly Obsequious", but I hold him for 50 seconds in my grip. When I let him breathe, he does kind of a chicken dance, very funny, lol! After he has recovered I continue with the second arm choking + bodyscissor, trying to squeeze even tighter (immediately becomes “Kindly Obsequious”, you can also see it from the color of his face), and holding him for a good 40 seconds. In the end when I leave him he makes strange movements (another chicken dance) and is very confused, he looks around, he looks at me, he looks into the void lol! In my opinion he had to put the ideas in order in his head for a moment!

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