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Published: 03/15/2022

Length: 8 Minutes

Price: $11.99 USD


Clip Description:

By now you all know that the reverse scissor is one of my favorite holds. I love to order my slave to lift his head, wedge it between my thighs and my butt, and squeeze his neck like a lemon with all my strength! He was exhausted and resisted raising his head, but I scolded him, and he knew he did well to obey so as not to make me even more angry. There are 3 reverse scissors, and I really struggle to let go because I really like squeezing it like this! in fact they last a minute or more, and in all of them I render it "kindly obsequious" (in the first scissor he also tried to resist the deluded). After the last scissor I don't know what my head told me: as soon as I freed him, seeing him so helpless, I sat down with full weight on his face, preventing him from breathing (real smothering action). He remained motionless for about a minute, then he jumped and started struggling to breathe, but even there I fought not to free him, and it was easy for me because I felt really weak. I wanted to see what level of resistance he could go. In the end I got up and decided to let it breathe ... I gave him the day off because maybe this time I went too far.

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