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Published: 03/14/2022

Length: 3 Minutes

Price: $6.99 USD


Clip Description:

This is a second point of view (POV2) of the movie "14-bis Scissor hold torment ". Below the description: "This video is for lovers of tight and very long scissors! I really pledged to squeeze mercilessly! In this video I choke my slave with my powerful thighs, causing him to choke to the maximum and ignoring all his requests for air! You will see in particular 3 sidescissors and 2 backscissors, giving it very few seconds of air recovery from one to the other (the recovery video pieces are cut but I assure you are a few seconds). After a few seconds in which he claps his hand and squirms you will be able to see how he surrenders to my power "as if he were napping", suffering the choking until I decide to let him breathe again. For true lovers of extreme and heavy scissors!You will hardly find such tight and real scissors in other videos!"

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