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Published: 03/10/2022

Length: 4 Minutes

Price: $7.99 USD


Clip Description:

This is a second point of view (POV2) of the movie " ". Below the description: "My slave wants to fight with me, but he knows very well how much he risks, considering that the only moves I love are chokes! In fact, in the first round I immediately wrap my powerful thighs around his neck and squeeze a lot to choke him mercilessly! He tries to wriggle and beg for mercy, but to win the fight well I keep holding him choked in a good 30 seconds long sidescissor! when I open my legs he breathes as hard as he can! (Recovery times are cut for convenience and speed). In the second round then I choke him with my powerful arms, and again after making him change color, I wait a long time before letting him breathe fresh air again! Time that recovers and the third round begins! In the third round I use a backscissor to pop his head between my thighs, with a maximum squeeze of about 40 seconds that made him realize who's in charge, judging by how eagerly he inhaled air as soon as I released his grip! As a sign of submission then he begins to kiss my thighs, but having done so without permission, I decide to punish him severely! Very tight sidescissor with my thighs for about 30 seconds, but squeezing as I rarely do! At the end he appears visually tried to out of breath, taking air as much as possible! I don't think he'll have the courage to challenge me anymore!"

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