Sugar Diamond


Location: Canada , OTHER, Toronto

Last Activity: 01/22/2024


Height: 5'3” - 160 cm

Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg

Physique: Athletic

Years Of Experience: 5-15 years plus


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I am one of the most energetic, sweet yet dominating, naturally fit women you will ever meet . A Goddess by far beyond a normal Mistress. A personal trainer that will snap you into shape and a Natural fighter with training in Grappling, Wresting and and Mixed Martial Arts!

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Session Deposit Policy

  • Deposit is Non Refundable . Period .
  • Deposit is Refundable if I have to cancel and we are unable to reschedule.

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Competitive Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Grappling
  • Semi-Competitive Boxing
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Fantasy Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Catfighting
  • Tag Team Matches
  • Armwrestling
  • Female vs Female
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Bondage Wrestling
  • OIL Wrestling
  • Muscle Admmiratuin

Dominatrix Services

  • Breath Play
  • Face Sitting
  • Financial Domination
  • Role Play
  • Spanking
  • Trampling
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Whipping
  • Muscle Admmiratuin


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7 months ago

I initially met Sugar Diamond at a photoshoot earlier this year, and I knew given the opportunity I would have to spend time with her. Last month, I booked a 90 minute session with Sugar and wow. This woman has energy to spare, she was bouncing off the walls with energy when she came into the room and still had energy to spare when she left. She is gorgeous, kind, sweet, and that ass…..oh man. Oh man. Wow. Just thinking about it I lost my train of thought. Ok, back on track…She is strong, quick, and skilled. I cannot wait to find the time and opportunity to see her again. She was very easy to schedule with and was generous with her time. Sugar is a Diamond for sure, and just simply WOW.

10 months ago

Goddess Sugar has made me into a loyal fan after one session.
She is gorgeous, strong, tough, fun and a beautiful personality. Setting up the session was simple and encourages you to be straight-forward about what you hope to experience. Reading the other reviews here, she can play several different roles, so I appreciated her qualifying me so well. After we set the agenda and date, I sent along my deposit and I was very excited to see her. A few days before our playdate, I asked if she would do a custom video where she would tell me what she planned to do to me when we met. The video I got made me wish I was with her right then. It was clever, fun and sexy – a real treat. In it she wore what she planned on wearing for our session – her fishnet tights and matching bra suited her quite well. I wanted her to dominate and punish me and have me surrender to this Goddess.
The expectation was a mile high but the session topped it. Her fighting skills are diverse and while she controlled my every breath I took, she was always respectful of my taps for her mercy. BTW, her feet are sexy and delicious. She took to pinning me down under her feet while punishing my balls, slapping and spitting on me. A dream come true, Goddess also smothered me with her perfect butt and repeatedly choked me with her legs and hands.
Thank you Goddess Sugar,
I hope you will have your way with me again very soon – next time I will bring some plastic to wrap me up and you can do whatever you like to me.
Good luck with your upcoming shoots.

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11 months ago

I had the pleasure to have a session with Sugar Diamond recently and she was everything I expected her to be and more! She greeted me at the door with a skimpy red bikini showing off her chiseled yet curvy body, super sexy woman. Her energy is that of someone that you feel like you know already for a while which made me feel very comfortable and inviting. As we began to wrestle I can feel her strength and athleticism, I hope she felt mine as well as we had a competitive wrestling match for almost an hour! It got sweaty and both of us wanted to win, she gave me a very tough match even though I’d like to think I’m in pretty good shape. If you are looking for a woman that can show you her strength and someone who is able to show you a thing or two she is definitely the session girl for you, you’ll get an awesome workout while grappling and rolling around. Her smile and energy will make you smile as well. The music she played as we chilled was also very good, she’s got great taste. After we finished our match she even fed me some jerk chicken that she made, she definitely knows how to treat a man 😉 I highly recommend Sugar for your next session, how can you not resist a woman that is super sweet with a killer body! I will most definitely be wrestling her again in the future. 5 stars in my books. Until next time Sugar xoxo Ciao beautiful 😉

1 year ago

Sugar Diamond was one of the most intoxicating, sensual, empowering and incredible experiences in a session I’ve ever had. She is the absolute perfect bridge between power and sensuality in a session, and she knows it. Also she carries herself so well outside of the session and has a great, sparkling genuine energy that is positive and uplifting. Could not recommend more.

1 year ago

Well… Here we go. Every encounter that I’ve had the honor to experience has been unique and had left a permanent impression So I took a look at this warrior princess I thought “Wow… she looks AMAZING!” I did notice that she’s an International Star from the States’ neighbor of the North. I thought to myself that there may not be a way to reach her in person I would patiently wait. One day, I decided to peep at her profile again and then BOOM! Sugar Diamond was coming to my town! After only a couple moments of reflection, I made a booking inquiry. I was not just surprised about her rapid response I was pleasantly surprise of her eagerness. I knew that this encounter was going to be SPECIAL! Ladies and Gentlemen I submit to you the Review of Sugar Diamond: The Rise of a New Legend!

As I mentioned before, I made an inquiry with Sugar that was answered immediately! We were able to book our session within about an hour. And then strangely enough, we kept talking after we booked. Sharing causal conversation, a little bit of semi-competitive banter and even a joke or two. LOL! She definitely relieve the first meeting tension. That tension returned when I was late due to traffic (traveled from Baltimore and dodged two accidents on the way to DC). I apologized and parked. When I got to the room she must’ve had a song in her heart as can hear it through the walls. She then greeted with a
gigawatt smile and big hug! I guess all was forgiven. She was jamming all the latest “urban” hits. She gave me some time to freshen up from my road trip and change into my training clothes. But before we got down to business, she noticed something disturbing as she greeted me. Sugar noticed that my back was tight and my posture off. This will have context later on.

So we stretched out and shared some conversation and a bunch of laughter. As a matter of fact we just spent half of the session LAUGHING! Sugar’s energy was so infectious that if we were to spend the entire laughing from all the jokes we were cracking that would’ve been worth my money alone. However this would not be the case. We cracked a couple more jokes and then we slap five, bump fists and the battle commenced. I can tell by her charge that she want the first quick submission. And if I had any less training I would have tapped to her lighting fast, super strong guillotine choke attempt. It was wrapped
around me so tight I almost tapped due to the pressure alone but I was able to secure my release. Though Sugar didn’t score that submission attempt she delivered a message: I was in for a helluva fight!

Once our energies matched, our bodies collided and our muscles pressed against each other we proceeded to have some epic scrambles. As we were rolling I was just absolutely amazed in her fighting ability and fighting spirit. I would trap her in positions that most guys would submit to and she kept fighting on. She displayed all the speed, tenacity, determination, grit, and reaction reflexes of a veteran. Combined with her absolutely incredible strength she was giving me all I can handle competitively and then some. I was completely outclassed fitness wise all I had was my training experience and confidence in my technique. However, if I had any less training Sugar would wiped the floor with me no doubt. Were there submissions scored, yes. I was able to pull off an Americana in our first round. We took a quick break to refuel before going right back on the attack in Round 2. This is were we had our longest tussle. It was back and forth and we pulled off some close submissions (an armbar for me, a rear naked choke for her). It wasn’t until I scored a slick head and arm triangle lock. Submission number two in the books. Now she wanted to adjust her tactics a little bit. So without trying to be a fake mat sensei I gave her only a couple of pointers. I suggested that instead trying to show how strong she is by using her arms. Which by the way she PLENTY strong. I suggest that she accentuate her true strength: Her Legs! It’s near implausible to escape the wrath of those two pythons! Even while I was giving a short demo and told her to squeeze my leg with hers. I instantly regret that decision. LOL! In the final round Sugar took a much more measure approach with me. She was incorporating more of her mind with her muscle. I love the mental game, the physical chess match! Sugar was engaging with me in that physical chess match as well. So, she not only is a incredible talented and capable combatant and can learn on the fly. So it came as a surprise that I had an opportunity for a teachable moment. A lesson that I had to learn, when going for a RNC “NEVER CROSS YOUR LEGS AT YOUR ANKLES.” As I peek at what she was doing I just claimly defended the choke and got a leg lock entanglement that ended the match. Anybody keeping score, I took the match: 3-0. But, this doesn’t knock her down at all. Sugar will wiped MOST MEN without my training and experience. In any case, that concluded the business end of our time together. What happened in the final 15-20 minutes was in a word… Miraculous!

After our match Sugar remember that my back was chronically tight. So she enthusiastically mentioned that she a License Physical Therapist (LPC). So she instructs me to lie my stomach. Then proceeds to work intensively upon my chronically tight back. To say that this was “best massage I’ve ever received” would be a criminally blasphemous understatement. This 5’3″ 150 Pound Dynamo did what I thought only a 6’6″ 300+ Pound Bear a man could. She practically reset the clock on my back and rubs out 20 Years of stress to near extinction! Sugar went deeper than deep. There was a point were she had to really get into my lower back for an adjust and the pain was so great that I could help it; I blacked out for five (5) minutes. By the time she was done, she had to shake me awake. Suddenly I was able to perform stretches and rotate my neck in ways I haven’t been able to do in 15 years. My posture returned, I was standing taller, I even noticed that I was breathing better. And as a 5’4″ man affected with Asthma that a BIG DEAL! This was and still is Incredible. I’m STILL feeling the healing effects three weeks later. Consequently, my Jiu-Jutsu, and at small parts my Judo has been better! Sugar’s gifted hands performed a miracle unforeseen until now. For lack of a better word, I’m so grateful.

This will most likely to down as my most versatile session ever! Sugar really brought out the whole kitchen sink. She truly is a Diamond in this field. An absolute legend in the making, and she’s just getting started! I’m not gonna say I got my money’s worth because money couldn’t buy what she brought to the table that night! Her fighting skills will come because she not only gets better has she rolls, she does the most dangerous thing that any beginning martial artist can do… ASK QUESTIONS! Soon as she puts it altogether. She is going to terrorize her next opponents. If you book her competitively, just know that with her fitness, stamina, fighting spirit and desire to improve that she more of a match for any man or woman standing across from her. She was and is an amazing opponent and now an even better friend!

Do I recommend this fitness enthusiast, LPC, DJ, Class Clown, Cheerleader, Jamaican-Canadian Warrior Muscle Queen for your next session? In a word… ABSOLUTELY! No Question, No Hesitation! If she in your neighborhood, just book her. You’ll enter with curiosity, you’ll leave with no regrets because she will leave no doubt unresolved. So what more can I say about this rising legend that I haven’t said already? In her Instagram bio she tagged herself as a “Real Life Super Hero.” Well, I’ll go ahead and confirm the validity of this claim. For Sugar Diamond may have not only provide an extraordinary session, without hyperbole she may have save my life. If you made it this long reading this review thank you for sticking around. And to Canada’s Favorite Jamaican Daughter: Ms. Sugar Diamond thank you for… EVERYTHING! Blessings.

1 year ago

I had a great season last night with Sugar in Philly. She is even better looking in person. Great muscle tone. She is not afraid to get rough. She can take it as well as dish it out. She won easily. Very energetic. Great cardio. Very fun overall. Communication was also solid. No complaints honestly, only that I lost. Need more black women like her.

1 year ago

I booked her on a whim when I saw that she was coming and was initally hesitant about sending a deposit, but am so glad that I did.

This was one of the best sessions that I’ve had in at least a long time. It exceeded all of my expectations, and her body is even nicer in person than in the pictures.

She’s sooo sweet and personable. I wish that I had booked more time…hell, I wish that she visited DC every couple of months.

If you are lucky enough to have her come to your town, and you like the way that she looks, don’t second guess it. Book immediately…

1 year ago

The belief of a dream, an inimitable legend, a unique phenomenon, a magic, called Sugar Diamond! You can`t believe that how nice she is. I had a memorable and unbelievable night with her. She is very strong, stylish, skillful and flexible. She undrestand you and care what you want. She can be soft or tough, Kind or strict, rutless or friendly, harsh or respectful; That all depend to your request from her. She can makes it in the best possible way, trust me. Sugar Diamomd is a myth in wrestling industry. She is very open-mined and professional. This Goddess can crush the body or head of her opponents with her very strong legs. She is a fighter and is capable to punish her rival. The most important point, she is trustworthy and reliable. I am glad and greatful that I had the honor to met her.

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1 year ago

Sugar is one of the best and most entertaining session girls I have met
She is an amazing wrestler and stronger than she looks
Her personality is bubbly and she can be tearing you apart but doing it with a smile on her face
Do yourself a favor and book Sugar – she will become your favorite session girl

1 year ago

Sugar Diamond is Amazing!!!! When I spoke to her for the first time I heard her love and passion for wrestling which is why I set up a couple of customs which she did so well. I decided to fly out to Toronto and meet her and she was more amazing and more beautiful in person. She is very professional, very strong and I believe will be a Superstar in this industry. I definitely recommend Sugar to anybody that wants to shoot with her she always gives her best, has a lot of energy and always is fun to work with.

1 year ago

Sugar Diamond is awesome!

She’s intelligent, funny, beautiful and STRONG AS HELL!

If you have the opportunity to connect with her, I strongly suggest you take it – you’ll be an instant fan.

1 year ago

I remember when she first came out on scissor foxes and was putting someone to sleep in every video.. I said I GOTTA see what that feels like but was heartbroken to see that she didn’t offer sessions at the time and there was no link to her social media.. you could only catch her on SF for the longest!

She is a legend out here and y’all don’t know how much of a blessing it is to be able to reach out to her and book a session.

This Goddess will fuck you up and does some of the best facesitting in the business. I’m booking a session now and can’t wait to write a review about how it goes.