Mz Haze


Location: United States , Denver

Last Activity: 03/21/2022


Height: 5'10” - 178 cm

Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg

Physique: Athletic


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Seeking the shameful…

Im sweet and tend to smile and giggle a lot; whether its in the middle of a beatdown or telling a witty joke; Youll definitely find me smirking out of pleasure most of the time. I really enjoy what I do and I do it well. I enjoy the surprise and fear I invoke in my sessions because I do appear so ladylike and dainty. But what I deliver is anything short of precise and excruciating accuracy. So youll have to endure my chuckles of pleasure as I dominate, submit and overpower you with my amazon finesse.

My interrogation background and finely tuned humiliation skills are guaranteed to dismantle your very existence. A favorite that not very many can handle. I like to unravel my victims carefully, until I see that their spirit has been properly broken. Im a fulltime armed bodyguard and stuntwoman. Sessions are accepted on a part time basis as I travel wreaking havoc on different areas.

Ive been grappling within the UFC circuit and fighting/boxing since 2005. Professionally making your pain my pleasure since 2006. Training currently in Denver. I revel in any scenario where I can be physically dominate and use my mesmerizing height, strong physique and finely tuned skill sets to rip you apart.

Beatdown specialist. 😉 I can offer semi competitive on a case by case basis. But prefer grappling, boxing, wrestling, pins, scissor holds, arm bars, chokes, ballbusting and different domination. No nudity gents, Im sexy enough with clothes on.

I prefer to book my sessions through email. Please submit a session request with the city, dates youre interested in, kinks/fetishes, known pain tolerances, preferences, expectations and boundaries. And a phone interview will be scheduled to firm things up and make a good introduction.

Services Offered

  • Phone Chat
  • Competitive Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • Muay Thai
  • Grappling
  • Competitive Boxing
  • Semi-Competitive Boxing
  • Competitive Kickboxing
  • Semi-Competitive Kickboxing
  • Boxing
  • Scissoring
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Training


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