Location: Trinidad and Tobago , San Fernando

Last Activity: 10/29/2022


Height: 5'1” - 154 cm

Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg

Physique: Bodybuilder


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Would you like to come see me and experience how strong I am?

I am The Muscle Queen of the Caribbean. If you do not already know who I am, then you should definitely come find out.

I am one of the strongest and most muscular women the world has ever seen. My scissoring skills are bone crushing. I can rip shirts, bend metal and pick you up so easily.

My muscles are thick, hard and tanned to perfection.

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  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Other Webcam Shows
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Fantasy Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Catfighting
  • Female vs Female
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Training
  • Others: Please email request


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12/01/202212/04/2022MiamiFloridaUnited States
12/05/202212/08/2022OrlandoFloridaUnited States

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    10/15/2022 Europe and Middle East
    Last tour for 2022

Thank you AMSTERDAM … You got me warmed up


Now I am taking over GERMANY…


My victims are waiting in COLOGNE before I give my little Germas a tiny break and I go to BRUSSELS for the weekend…

You little boys cannot keep up with me…that’s for sure

You should definitely come see me …



experience your every fantasy come true


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2 months ago

Had a session in Rome with Mirage on 08/29. It was my first ever session, so i don’t know how she compares with other girls… but she’s awesome! Breath-takingly beautiful, super nice personality, and off the charts strong! Great experience overall

3 months ago

Met Mirage on her visit in Greece. She is amazing . First of all i loved her appearance. She looks hot, even sexier than in her pictures. Incredible body, big biceps , huge legs, great ass. We did muscle worship, where i had the chance to worship her incredible muscles . Then we did some lift and carry where she was amazing as well. She picked up easily in many positions i asked her, like piggyback, front, cradle, shoulder ride, leg press and more. She hold me for a long time and did many deep squats as well . At the end she even picked me up wearing heels in a front lift . Great experience, will definitely meet her again. Her attitude is amazing as well during the session.

3 months ago

I met Mirage twice and I highly recommend a session with her. Her physique is excellent with massive quads, baseball shape biceps, defined pecs and an awesome v taper. Beyond that she‘s just super nice and friendly, but also dominant and strong as hell. Best sessions ever!

4 months ago

Recently had the great pleasure of sessioning with Mirage in Sweden. Needless to say I extend my strongest recommendations. I´ve had sessions before but this was by far the best so far and off the charts. She has a wonderful sense of humour and a fantastic personality to go along with that beautiful physique. Still cant believe how she can build that much muscle on such a small frame, truly impressive. I only regret not booking a longer session than I did. Hope our paths cross again in the future. In that case I will book a new session for sure.

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6 months ago

German version below.

I saw her again last week. It was so far the last location while Madame ‘Mirage takes over the world’.
She was full of energy, in an awesome condition and her muscles were even bigger than half a year ago. Madame Mirage is so much fun, always with a smile on her pretty face and her big, strong, shaped legs as well as arms almost busted the tight, hot suit she was wearing.
All in all it was a successful conquest of Central Europe.


Ich habe sie letzte Woche wiedergesehen. Es war erst einmal die letzte Station im Zuge von Madame “Mirage übernimmt die Welt”.
Sie war voller Energie, in einer tollen Verfassung, und ihre Muskeln waren sogar noch massiver als vor einem halben Jahr. Man hat so viel Spaß mit Madame Mirage, sie hat immer ein Lächeln auf ihrem hübschen Gesicht, und ihre riesigen, starken, wohlgeformten Beine sowie Arme hätten fast den hautengen, scharfen Anzug, den sie trug, gesprengt.
Alles in allem war es eine erfolgreiche Eroberung Mitteleuropas.

6 months ago

I met Mirage for the second time in Hannover. Due to security of the hotel I could not just go to her room. So Mirage was sitting in the lobby an we both went up. She was wearing some kind of leggings and one could see her powerful, massive quads. Very nice to see – I just wonder what others around may have thought.. We planned to wrestle, but shifted to some posing. A quick compare showed clearly a long way to go for me. I felt her muscles all over and it ended up massage her.
The ninety minutes flew by and I left with a smile.

1 year ago

German version below.

I met a small huge powerhouse on last Wednesday.
Madame Mirage is a very beautiful girl and her muscular body was in a great shape. She had big arms, terrific pecs, a huge back, defined abs and massive legs which in many countries are certainly classified as weapons. I am close to 190 lbs and she controlled me with ease.
I had an awesome time with Madame Mirage. She is smart, has a great sense of humor and can kick your ass. If you search for an attractive, muscular, skilled wrestler with a lovely personality she will be the total package.


Ich habe am letzten Mittwoch ein kleines großes Kraftpaket getroffen.
Madame Mirage ist eine wunderschöne Frau und ihr muskulöser Körper war in einer großartigen Verfassung. Ihre Arme waren gewaltig, ihre Brustmuskeln phantastisch, ihr Rücken breit, ihre Bauchmuskeln definiert und ihre Beine, welche in vielen Ländern sicherlich als Waffen eingestuft werden, absolut massiv. Ich wiege etwa 86 kg, und sie hatte mich mit Leichtigkeit unter Kontrolle.
Ich hatte eine unglaubliche Zeit mit Madame Mirage. Sie ist pfiffig, hat einen großen Sinn für Humor und kann Dir den Hintern versohlen. Für jeden, der eine gutaussehende, muskulöse, versierte Wrestlerin mit einer liebenswerten Persönlichkeit sucht, ist bei ihr genau richtig.

8 months ago

Last year I had a meeting with Mirage in Frankfurt. Mirage has a muscular yet feminine body. The contact with her worked without any problems. I had booked an hour with posing muscle workshop. The sensual aspect was not neglected either. Mirage is an outgoing and friendly person and doesn’t watch the clock. When she’s around again, I’ll set up a meeting with her again.

8 months ago

I met Mirage twice almost three years ago when she visited my country. Both session were absolutely unreal as well as Madame herself. Besides being a top level female bodybuilder with amazing muscular mass and shapes that boggle the mind she’s a super friendly and sweet person. The sessions were mostly: muscle worship, fantasy/semi-c wrestling and scissoring. After the 5 star muscle worship it was obvious that i will not be able to do much against her in wrestling. If she was on top or put me in some kind of hold it was basically game over when she wanted. If she didn’t give me some huge advantage i couldn’t do anything against her. A few times when i was on top thinking that i got her pinned, she applied some otherworldly scissors that made me tap instantly. Her scissors are something so deadly and so scary that sometimes i didn’t have time to tap and asking her to stop with a word in my own language. During sessions and when i left i felt like on cloud nine, wishing to meet her again asap.

Old Reviews


I met Mirage in november at frankfurt. She is small but have a very muscular body. She is very strong and very friendly. No clock watcher. Her posing is excellent and we have a very good sensual session. I hope that I can meet her again next year. It was a great pleasure to met her.


I recently met Mirage and I’ve gotta say this session experience will be pretty hard to beat. Not only was her body absolutely stunning – what she considered “off season” was just the perfect blend between rock hard, well defined muscle and a sexy feminine look. Her legs are incredible, her lat spread the best I’ve ever seen on a girl and her biceps are dense and vascular. I’m 6’3″ and lift/carry wasn’t even a challenge to her. But what really sets her apart is her laid back, easy going, funny and sensual personality.

Hope she’ll be back soon.



I have had a session with her during her stay in Hannover. I was overwhelmed by the physique. She is very strong and under her soft skin, hard muscles are working. With a smile on her face she scissored me effordless and made me tap. Once done with me whe had a more sensual part — she was not shy flexing for me and enjoyed being worshipped. All in all a great time with a charming lady.


I hope I can book a grappling session with her in november in Amsterdam.


I have seen Mirage twice when she has visited London and she is unbelievable. She has incredible size and definition even when off season and is stunning (not just bodybuilder stunning). Seen her for muscle worship primarily but when rolling around on the bed, and she was able to pin me down and trap me into holds very easily. She is evidently naturally dominant, however combines this with being even more sensual than I anticipated. The icing on the cake was when I was sitting on her lap worshipping her, she then stood up lifting me in a bearhug, easily holding my 180+lbs in the air. The almost perfect session and I can’t wait to see her again – run, don’t walk to see her!


If you’re lucky enough to meet Madame Mirage then be prepared to fall in love. We all know that she has a world-class physique and a beautifully photogenic face, but what makes a really special session is chemistry, enthusiasm and personality. Even though in ‘off-season’ shape she was defined and vascular, an overwhelming amount of power-packed muscle on a relatively small frame. And when this feminine muscle is put to use, either in posing or physical domination, your breath will be taken away. A quick squeeze accompanied by a smile or a giggle and you have no choice but to submit to this hugely exciting temptress. A lyrical Caribbean accent, deep brown eyes, quick whit, a girl of your dreams that will put you at ease and fulfil your fantasies, just let her know what’s your preference and she’ll make sure that you will walk out a happy human. Total fun! Total pleasure! 10 out of 10.


Mirage is one of the most amazing female bodybuilders that you will ever see! The sheer quantity of muscle mass that she carries on her small frame, is truly amazing!! All the while maintaining such a feminine appearance. She really does stand out amongst the top quality female bodybuilders, today..and in the past.
And during my session with her, she was as sweet and accommodating as could be. I will see her again!


03/18/2019: “MIRAGE is an aspiring MMA fighter and she gave me the total mixed fighting beat down experience. She is very skilled in putting you in headlocks, scissors, and full nelson positions. I tapped out quick after she applied full pressure. She would smile and say “TAP OUT”….you have no choice but to comply. The pain is too strong. If you’re into Trampling, MIRAGE would push you too your limit with brutally jumping up and down on your chest and stomach. She stomped me in my chest continuously until I screamed mercy mercy….Flying knees she jumped off the couch landing on my chest, stomach, and back. Flying FEETS she jumped off the bed landing on my Head, Chest, Stomach, and Back. She stood on my head with both feet until I screamed mercy mercy mercy..Goddess MIRAGE Laughed at me and stuck her foot in my mouth to shut me up. I worshipped her feet as she stood on my head. GODDESS MIRAGE IS A ISLAND BEAUTY, SHE IS A DREAM COME TRUE…… I can’t wait to see her again soon in Atlanta.


Sessions with Mirage are amazing. I’ve done 3 of them with her. I just had to go back. She’s every bit as awe inspiring in person as her photos and she is just really fun. We did some role play, and she is the absolute best. And that body is one of the best I’ve ever seen. She took great care of me and I will definitely see her again.


I have sessioned with Mirage several times now, and wow, what a Goddess. Her facial beauty is second to none, her skin is flawless and her muscles are off the charts. Somehow she is even more beautiful in person than in her stunning photos.

But she is much more than that. Over the years we have gotten to know each other and I can honestly say that Mirage is warm, kind hearted, classy, and overwhelmingly charming. She will put you at ease the moment you are with her.

She never once watched the clock with me, and every session with her was different. She is one of those ladies who is oozing with passion and sensuality, and who genuinely enjoys her time with you.

I am truly sorry to hear that one person did not have a good experience with her. The same thing happened to me once with a well respected lady on this site, so I understand how it feels, but I can confidently say that this will be the exception rather than the norm with Mirage. If you want a best-in-class session experience, then she is the one for you.


Mirage is an incredible women – beautiful, muscular and fun. She was engaging, strong and sensual all in one session – I would recommend her to anyone wanting to experience a session with an absolute muscle goddess!! I have had sessions with many on this site and was incredibly excited to see that she is back in action!


Madame Mirage is one of the best by far in terms of sexual muscle pleasure……my West Indian muscular goddess 🇹🇹💪❤😋👌


I recently had a session with Mirage – all I can say is she is incredible! First of all she is gorgeous – like drop dead gorgeous. Then she has a fantastic personality – very fun to be with. She will not rush things and is very accommodating as far as wrestling goes. I have had many sessions and she’s the best by far – not even close. I highly recommend Mirage for your next session – you won’t be disappointed.



Madame Mirage wow a truly gorgeous lady even more so in person than online. She made me feel comfortable quickly and is a true charmer with her personality. Real laid back and easygoing. She truly seemed to be enjoying the session just as much as I did. She claimed she wasn’t at “her best” cause she was tired from the earlier sessions. But 80% of her best is still way better than any other person’s BEST day ever. Strong yet elegant and perfect in every way. Definitely recommend


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