Location: Germany , OTHER, Berlin

Last Activity: 05/11/2023


Height: 5'9” - 175 cm

Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg

Physique: Athletic


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TRAVEL UPDATE – June  2023

Rome Italy 7-17 June

Berlin Germany   18-22 June

Paris oFrance 24-29 June

Bookings and mandatory deposit only on [email protected]


Hi everyone

4th dan black belt in taekwondo, I practice multiple martial arts.

Karate, Kung Fu and Judo these days.

I know how to kick asses, and heads 😉

I am also very dominant by nature.

Very tall (5″9) I have very impressive kicks (my specialty).

I enjoy sessions mostly, but due to covid do not hesitate to contact me for remote sessions and domination/humiliation sessions.


Contact by email [email protected]

Services Offered

  • Phone Chat
  • Submission Wrestling
  • MMAJudo
  • Karate
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Semi-Competitive Boxing
  • Semi-Competitive Kickboxing
  • Custom Videos
  • Training


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6 months ago

I finally had the chance to meet her for a session and wow – what a session we had!
A great kicking session with plenty of groin kicks from every angle and some foot worship too.

Goddess has such control in her kicks and can go from the most gentle kicks to probably harder than any can take. She’s very attentative and fun to session with, and she sure can boss you around if that’s what you want.

Excellent session and extra plus for her to make a stop on her way so that we could have the session.

1 year ago

Sent an email trying to arrange a session. Email is [email protected] give a reply, excited about a martial art session.

1 year ago

I talked to her about her upcoming europe tour and i cannot recognize her in the description made in the review posted before.
She was always friendly and always replied kindly to me.
I can say only positive things about her.

Last edited 1 year ago by markwarren
1 year ago

Hello , please let me know when you will be visit Europe Brussels or maybe the Netherlands , would love to see then have a Karate or Taekwondo Session with you. Email : [email protected]

1 year ago

This lady has an attitude problem.

Even when i was telling her a proposal for a wrestling match or tour, she ordered me on chat to call her ” goddess” instead of “miss”.

No jokes

I can even share you that.

There is a way a client should be dealt with.
I am quite dissatisfied and will never meet her ever.

She must have behaved nicely as i was addressing her humbly

1 year ago

Yes, please copy and paste the same.,so that others can know what you did

Look, miss .you should have been professional while talking a client.

The ” goddess” type attitude looks good in session but not in real world.

We all know you are a human not goddess, so please dont self proclaim yourself.

You ordered me to call you” goddess ” and you used the ” f” word.i never used it .I address you humbly as “miss” as a gentleman should do while asking a lady.

Please behave while talking or chatting a client.Clients pay and respect, so they deserve respect in return.

1 year ago
Reply to  willsdavid

Yeah buddy this is straight up harassment.
As a service provider she can choose who she works with and uses a filtering mechanism of who addresses her properly, you refused.
Which is fine and you can choose not to work with her and so can she.
But chasing her down on other mediums is real bad vibes, she already said “No”.
Be respectful and move on and stand on your principle of not addressing a human as a “Goddess” and if that is not the hill you want to die on next time when told how to address follow the danm instructions.

1 year ago
Reply to  examfoo

Dude, please note i never harassed her.she used the f word plus she ordered me…..

She also shared her twitter herself, so i never forced her to chat with me.

I was respectful and asked her very very humbly but she said that she diesnt give a f….. what i believe plus threathen to block me , which i ask her to do as i also can’t stand a dominant woman.

I asked for wrestling not domination.

I won’t be addrssing her as goddess which in reality she is not.As i said, she is a human like us.

She calls herself as “martial arts goddess”, which is fine but she shouldn’t force others like me to call her same.

I dont know her or her real name and would never want to talk her everrrrrr unless she apologizes for her actions, Which she will never do it.

Its a review section , so my comments were approved by the site only for posting.