Location: United States , Ohio, Akron

Last Activity: 03/21/2023


Height: 5'4” - 163 cm

Weight: 475 lbs - 215.4 kg

Physique: BBW


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  1. I’m the Goddess you’ve been searching for. I may seem good natured, but I’m just laughing at you. This voluptuous Goddess weighs in at a smashing 400 + pounds all wrapped up in My petite stature. This Goddess specializes in face sitting, smothering, lift & carry, and much more. Prepare to earn your reward, but if you are naughty I will deny you. I don’t put up with back talking and disrespect. I look forward to having you serve My needs or punishing you for not meeting them. 


My sessions are strictly fetish non-nude, non-sexual. Sessions I do regularly are:




Feedism  (Needs to be discussed)


If you are interested in another type of session, please feel free to contact me about it. This is not a complete list. I also schedule multi-domme sessions.


The phone number listed is only for travel. If you would like to book a session please email me.


Services Offered

Sessiongirl Services

  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Lift and Carry
  • Others: Please email request

Dominatrix Services

  • Face Sitting
  • Financial Domination
  • Spanking
  • Trampling
  • Others: Please email request


Date Begins Date Ends City Area Country

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1 month ago

I recently had a competitive session with Malice, the setup to the session went well , the only thing i had to do for Malice was provide 2 references to competitive with her, after that is was smooth sailing.

I am 6’2″ 275, workout and do strength contests and have some wrestling and marital arts training (not a black belt by any means), Malice is 5’4″ and was about 500 lbs. I mentioned I am almost a foot taller than her, she responded by giggling and saying,” not for much longer…!!!” and she was correct..

Wrestling her was like wrestling a beach ball with feet, there was no way I could get a hold on her and I could not move her to save me life. after all attempts to get something to work, she grabbed me and put me under her immense weight and squishing began, she even tried to pin for a 100 count but I tapped out at 52… she owned me like Remax, we arm wrestled and did tug of war and she crushed me at that too.. 100 % crushed..

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