Location: Czech Republic , OTHER, Prague

Last Activity: 03/18/2023


Height: 5'9” - 175 cm

Weight: 190 lbs - 86.2 kg

Physique: Bodybuilder


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A bodybuilder with wrestler skills. My travel schedule is highly volatile at the moment ❤️

How to book a session with me:

  1.  If you see that I travel to YOUR CITY, ask for a session. Don’t ask me about other cities/countries that are not mentioned on my travel schedule. Alternatively, you may have a session with me in Prague ❤️
  2. Most important!  I DO NOT DO SEX/ TOPLESS/ HJ  etc. If you still ask, your email will be ignored.
  3. Deposits are mandatory and must be paid no later than 4 weeks before the travel. No last minute bookings, please.
  4. I do not allow filming nor taking pictures/ selfies.
  5. Please keep you email brief and short, I receive tons of emails
  6. First come, first served
  7. Only serious requests 👍🏻

For deposits: paypal (transfer fees apply), revolut app, bank transfer

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Armwrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Training
  • Others: Please email request


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2 months ago

ok session.

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4 months ago

She is awesomely strong. First time somebody made me tap in side bodyscissors!
She was offseason but still looking great with visible abs, great calves and huge beautiful biceps.
She likes o show off these bicep a lot!
She hesitated to do stronger facepunching and facekicking but she got no mercy when it went to scissors or being trampled.
Outside a real sweetheart with Hollywood smile.
Definitely recommend especially for fans of muscle worship and scissors!

4 months ago

I cannot overstate how amazing and statuesque Dom is. A genuine heart melting beauty with immense strength and muscle mass from tip to toe. It was an incredible privilege to meet her. My session was holds and general worship. Both elements were off the scale.

6 months ago

They were gawky and she was gorgeous and they were hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating. While standing next to her, underneath a sunshade where we took cover from a passing storm, I thought… if people were rain, every girl around was drizzle and she was a hurricane.

(May paraphrased words from a book I once read, but they came to mind and I hope they suffice to sum up the amazing time I had in her company.)

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7 months ago

I just had a session with Dom. she is perfect and her strength is amazing. I really recommend her for any one wants session in Prague. she understood my time requirements and helped me. her arms and legs are in perfect shape

1 year ago

Just met Dom in Prague for the second time after having met her a few years back pre Covid: she’s every bit as strong as she was back then, if not more, her physique is still awe inspiring and strong looking. Only thing is she improved leaps and bounds on her grappling technique, as she is taking bjj classes: she was able to beat me wrestling pretty easily on the first contest we had, now this was a total mismatch, so we switched from competitive to light wrestling, trying some holds and scissors which were absolutely deadly. Also armwrestled her and can confirm after she toyed with me with both arms like a few years ago that she is still one of the strongest sessionists around in that category.

1 year ago

Ich hatte heute meine erste Session überhaupt und ich hätte mit niemand besseren als Dominic dafür vorstellen können. Sie ist super nett, witzig und sie sieht noch um einiges besser als auf ihren Fotos aus. Sie ist eine wahre Schönheit. Und stark, sehr stark. Ich bin 1,97m groß und 90kg schwer und sie hat mich in allen vorstellbaren Posen hochgehoben und getragen, als wäre ich ein Fliegengewicht. Wir haben zudem Arm- und Beindrücken gemacht und gewrestlet, ich hatte nicht den Hauch einer Chance. Ihre Beinscheren sind unglaublich stark, sie hätte mich problemlos ausknocken können, wenn sie gewollt hätte. Insgesamt war es durch ihre sympathische Art eine tolle Erfahrung, ich kann eine Session mit ihr nur weiterempfehlen!

1 year ago

I’ve met Dominic in summer 2019 and summer 2020 in London.
Both times she was staying at a nice studio with mats, restrooms and all the comforts.
This review is about our last meeting.
Following a quick email exchange and sending the deposit the session was set.
When I arrived at her address we met downstairs and then headed up to her studio.
After a quick chat I got changed in the restroom and then stepped on the mats where she was ready before me in all her splendour.
Dominique is quite tall and that day she was 170 lbs, leaner than the previous year but still quite heavier than me, I was stunned!
A quick look to my physique and a cheeky grin appeared on her face meanwhile she started to flex her bicep inviting me to touch it.
We started the proper session with a bit of armwresting, where she beat me easily, again smiling at my efforts.
After that it was time to wrestle and even though she didn’t have any specific skill the size and strength difference was too big. I was able to fight back a little bit but eventually she would always get the upper hand catching me in a headlock, scissoring me or simply pinning me to the mats.
At some point Dominic gave me a handicap and allowed me to start on top of her pinning her wrists to the floor.
Without a sudden movement but just using her power she was able to slowly press my body off and flip me over.
We tried this several times and no matter how I balanced my weight on her I just couldn’t do anything against that surge of power, I felt powerless, it was just unbelievable!
The last part of the session was lift and carry, probably the best.
I was like a paperweight for her, she cradle carried me and just casually walked with me sitting on her shoulders doing squats here and there.
Even if I’m light, to prove how ridiculously strong she is, at some point she put her hands on my hips and lifted me against the wall for a good 10 seconds!
I can’t forget this one and how helpless it made me feel!
On top of this Dominic is a real sweetheart very smart and with a lot of interests, we chatted a lot during breaks.
I can only recommend this girl and I hope to see her again this year!

1 year ago

Sie ist sehr nette freundliche hübsche süße starke Frau sie hat mich locker gehoben getragen ihre Arme Beine sind tödlich Session mit ihr ist zu empfehlen