Location: Spain , Alicante

Last Activity: 07/02/2022


Height: 6' - 183 cm

Weight: 225 lbs - 102.1 kg

Physique: Bodybuilder


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  1. I am Danaxmuscles, a Spanish bodybuilder super high and with great muscles to make you enjoy an unforgettable experience in which you will feel the domination and strength of a great fighter. I have big, muscular legs that will tighten your head like youve never felt before. My powerful arms will catch you and lift you up with power. I have a powerful and muscular back. With my powerful ass Ill drown you and Ill sit on your face until you ask for mercy and stop.
    I am an educated woman with a great sense of humor but at the same time a great dominator and mistress. My voice is sweet and soft and I am super feminine.
    With me you will fulfill all your hidden fantasies and I will make you feel special.

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Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat, Phone Chat, Other Webcam Shows, Semi-Competitive Wrestling, Fantasy Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, Pin Wrestling, Semi-Competitive Boxing, Fantasy Kickboxing, Fantasy Catfighting, Armwrestling, Foxy, Tickle Wrestling, Scissoring, Custom Videos, Feats of Strength, Lift and Carry, PosingModeling, Belly PunchingIn-Gym, Training


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7 days ago

Unprofessional in every sense

7 days ago

Please Avoid this lady. Or at the very least, do not part with any money. I tried to setup a simple skype call. We agreed a time, she wanted money up front and as soon as i had paid, Silence. The next email i recieve is that she cant make it but will do the next day. I couldnt make a commitment to the next day so politely declined and asked for a refund. To which she replied, i cant give you a refund, how about a video of me dominating a slave? I responded no thanks and asked why she couldnt refund me. Now she is going to report me for harassing her. Interesting woman. Anyway i have uploaded emails of our chat. But advise you to find someone more professional.

3 days ago
Reply to  niceguyeddie

Just to let everyone know that Dana has refunded me as honoured. Thank you Dana

3 months ago

I met with Dana in Alicante in March 2022. She is pretty feminine but big and massive. Legs and arms are very powerful. She looks at your resistance and applies as much force as needed to put you down. If you restrict more, she applies more force but every time she is on you. Her attire is very sexy and basically, she can fulfill any of your desire/fetish. Her English could be better, though pretty enough to communicate during wrestling session.