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4 years ago





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I am Moxie Mayhem and have been traveling as a session wrestler for almost a year now. If you like beautiful powerful tall women then I am the session wrestler you want. I will not disappoint you! I will squeeze and dominate you on the mat.
“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

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Name Entry

Created On: 01/30/2016 23:09:24

Couple months ago I emailed Moxie several times to set up session but she NEVER answered any of my emails. Perhaps she no longer doing sessions? But if that's the case then her profile should be removed from this site.


Created On: 11/19/2014 18:30:03

I wrote the very positive review of my session with Moxie Mayhem back on 10-20-2012 which you will see above. However, I suggest if anyone does schedule a session with Moxie, do not give her any deposits. In September of this year, she contacted me for a follow up session in October which we scheduled for a firm dated and time. She asked for a $100 deposit which I made promptly. From that point on, I never heard from her again. She didn't show up for the session and never would respond to any emails from me prior to the session or following it. After repeated attempts to contact her, there still has been no response up to this date.

So to summarize, I really did like Moxie and our session, but do not give any deposits.


Created On: 11/17/2012 07:37:09

In my wrestling match with Moxie, we started very evenly. I gained a fairly quick advantage and had her pinned or so I thought. I'm still not sure how she did it because I had her pinned pretty well but she managed to buck me up enough to get turned sideways and from there and all attempts to get her rolled back on her back failed. She is very strong, especially in her core and legs. She soon had me completely off her and we continued to both struggle to gain an advantage but we were very even and neither could gain an advantage. After a few minutes of very even wrestling, we were too close to some of the furniture and I was starting to get winded (horrible stamina currently....I've got to work on that) and asked if we could take a water break. She agreed and after a few minutes break we started again and it was very even for a few minutes but Moxie finally managed to force me on my back and unlike Moxie had done to me previously, I couldn't budge her. That's very hard for me to understand as I have put on some weight and now have about 10 - 15 lbs on Moxie but I couldn't budge her. It was like my back was super glued to the floor. After probably 30 seconds of struggling with absolutely no success, I finally conceded the first fall to Moxie.

The second fall I was determined to be more aggressive and quickly even the score. I was very happy when I gained an early advantage and managed to force Moxie to her back and again had her pinned in a traditional school boy pin to the floor. I had learned from the last time that she doesn't stay pinned very easily so I was better prepared for her attempts. She came very close to getting out of the pin several times and if I had been just a few pounds lighter I'm sure she would have succeeded. Every time she rolled to one side, I'd take advantage and edge my legs under that side so I finally managed to basically get my legs underneath her a little which really wedged her in and made it almost impossible for her to roll to either side. She fought valiantly but I had her tight and she finally reluctantly conceded the fall. I was starting to feel a little confident but in hindsight it was a mistake. After a short water break, we started again and Moxie seemed very determined to show me the last fall was a fluke and we wrestled very evenly for a few minutes but I definitely was on the defensive most of the time. My stamina was starting to fade and Moxie was definitely starting to get an advantage. Finally after a few minutes, I was exhausted and Moxie got me in a cross body pin and once again, I couldn't budge her an inch. I was firmly pinned and after weakly struggling for a short period, I could barely get my breath with her body crushing mine so I conceded the fall.

After a longer break this time, and lots of water and lots of toweling off the sweat, we started but once again, Moxie clearly had the advantage and I managed to hold her off for a little while but soon found myself in the same predicament as the last fall. Moxie had me firmly in a cross body pin and after the last time, I realized that resistance was futile so I quickly conceded the fall now making it 3-1 in Moxie's favor and now she clearly was showing that each successive fall was going to be easier and easier for her to win giving my deteriorating stamina. I decided to give Moxie more of a challenge and see if she could get me in certain holds. I told her to try to pin me in a breast smother, and Moxie was up to the challenge. I was resisting but after only a couple of minutes, Moxie had me flat on my back with her gorgeous (and very large) breasts completely smothering me. Her breast smothers look incredible but when you are on the receiving end, it is definitely a feeling of panic since there is no possible way to breath. Even my voice is almost silenced when trying to yell my submission. She also had my arms pinned down so I couldn't tap. I was really starting to panic but luckily, she did finally manage to hear me yelling my submission and released me.

Before actually meeting Moxie in person, I honestly didn't expect her to be able to beat me. I knew she would be a pretty good challenge just due to her size but thought with the lack of any significant formal training, that I would actually win fairly easily. I honestly thought she might win 1 fall or maybe 2 at the most. Boy, was I wrong. Moxie had predicted the match 4-2 in her favor and I thought that was cute and loved her attitude but just didn't seem realistic. Turns out she was much more accurate that my predictions!

I've got to get in better shape before our next match so I can give her more competition. I was extremely impressed with Moxie and will definitely wrestle her again. She will continue to get even better so kind of scary to think of how good she can be over the next few months of continued experience.


Created On: 10/20/2012 10:54:50

I just had my first playful, semi-competitive session with Moxie, or at least that is what I thought it would be. It turned out she dominated me all the way, even though I was trying to make it somewhat semi competitive. I'm 5' 10" and 195 pounds but that didn't help me much. Moxie is very strong and when she got on me or put me in a scissors, I truly couldn't escape. Fortunately she was easy on me and just keep the holds light enough that I could still enjoy being dominated. She is a voluptuous "girl-next-door" type, which is what I like.

Moxie gave me 100% of her attention with no interruptions. She was friendly and made me feel comfortable with her right from the start. She also was extremely good on communications from start to finish. I got to spend some time talking with her after our session and found her to be a very likeable young woman. I look forward to future sessions with her

Battling Bill
Created On: 08/30/2012 17:01:01

I had a great mixed boxing session today with Moxie! She is a very sweet and attractive woman with a wonderful personality! She also has a big right hand and knocked me down several times during our match. She was very accommodating and made my session exactly what I wanted. She also has two of the most beautiful breasts that I have ever seen! Thank you again Moxie for a great time! I would recommend her highly to anyone who wants to tussle with a big beautiful woman!

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