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Southern California
United States
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4 years ago


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I love dominating men, and when they have earned it, I love being worshipped by them. I have been sessioning since 2007 and with 26 years of professional dance behind me, not only do I have a dancers body, I have stamina, flexibility and agility like you wouldn't believe and Incredibly powerful legs. My scissors will put you out like a baby! Or help me to press you if lift and carry is more your style. Leg and ass worship are a deserved and appreciated avenue as well. I love back and forth sparring and one sided beatdowns as well, as brutal as you are willing to go! I am trained in CBT, breath play, medical play, BB, pro-style and I have a wealth of experience in many Many other areas. I am a ton of fun unless you come to be dominated .... then it is no laughing matter. No matter what you enjoy, I am well versed and a seasoned wrestler. So bring it on boys! I've got you covered no matter what your kinks are!

Do be clear and upfront with what it is you are wanting. I pride myself in my nurturing, accomodating and trustful nature. Do come prepared and understand My time is valuable but I am NOT A CLOCK WATCHER. YOU WILL NEVER BE RUSHED! Just be sure to be on-time. I enjoy the 15-30 minutes of conversation with my clients that is not our charged session time. DO NOT ASK ME FOR SEX. Do not expect me to wrestle any man full out all the way. Do remember, this is my job and though I LOVE IT, I do this for profit. Do not book with me then ask for a refund on your deposit. Those are in place so when the occasion rises that our client cancels (with a reasonable and justified excuse) us girls don't lose money! Do be respectful. Do understand that I have a full schedule most days so if I respond right away to an email or three, then not again for several hours, it is because I am busy...if I lose interest, become offended or off put or feel like severing the line of communication, I will make that clear. Do not waste my time by endless emails just asking questions if you have no intention of ever booking a session with me. However, if you follow the simple rules above we will have a session you will never forget!

My website is still under construction, however I am actively accepting and filming scripts which are sent out directly so send in your requests!

You can view my clips4sale store here:
Do not ask the Cowards how they sleep at night, instead, be True To Your Art, that will pull the sword from your REBORN

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Created On: 12/19/2014 15:17:07
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Created On: 06/09/2013 15:11:38

6/13: "Some adjectives to describe Jackson are Gorgeous, Athletic, Fun, Hilarious, Deceptively Skilled, Deceptively Strong, Intuitive, Trash Talker and just a helluva lot of fun to have a session with. I said Deceptively Skilled because you could think she's not displaying a ton of skill, then suddenly BAM!! She grabs a hold or pin that you never saw coming and she will make you tap. This was a recurring theme. She's also an amazing trash talker, probably the best session I've ever had."


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