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+39 3888972365
Not Applicable
Marv Amazon Cinthia
Bathingsuit Ladies
+39 3888972365
Cinthia Mulhearo
4 years ago
State City Country Date Begins Date Ends
(Outside US) NICE FRANCE 07-03-2014 07-09-2014
(Outside US) TOKIO JAPAN 07-16-2014 07-26-2014
Florida MIAMI 09-02-2014 09-07-2014
Pennsylvania PHILADELPIA 09-08-2014 09-09-2014
New York NEW YORK 09-12-2014 09-14-2014
Nevada LAS VEGAS 09-21-2014 09-22-2014


FRANCE  :   NICE 3rd til 10th  july                                                                JAPAN: TOKIO 15th  til 26th july                      
                                  US TOUR                                                    
- MIAMI                    2nd  til  7th   september 2014
- PHILADELPHIA     9th   til  10th september 2014
- NEW YORK CITY 12nd til  14th september 2014
- ORLANDO            16nd til  17th september 2014

-ATLANTA (GA)     18nd til  19th september 2014    

 -LAS VEGAS and SAN DIEGO work in progress 
 -from 23 september til 13 november                                
 Always avalaible in Milan-Italy when not in tour

to book a session send email to:

marv.amazoncinthia @
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About Me
270 lbs - 122.5 kg
  • Straight
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  • Catfighting
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I can give you the most precious moments of pleasure. I am a gentle giantess but extremely strong and I like physically dominating puny men. I also wrestle and love to destroy guys. I can lift and carry up to 221 lbs (100kg).I am funny and smiling and love proving my strength to the men.
I usually organize a trip in each city where I get at least 5 reservations for session the other remains work in progress ( til I reach the fifth )
In any case I could be there for a single request but my rate in this case will be different do contact me ( included 4 hour session in my hotel room)

IMPORTANT : I can speak and read only Portuguese , Italian and Spanish so please call me using one of these languages. My English isn't fluent but you can use it to write me.
If you want to send your reservation you can do it until now so making me know the date, time, how much time for your session and your favorite fantasies

To stay in contact with me please write at my official addresses only :
- marv.amazoncinthia @
- WHATSapp +39 3888972365

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Name Entry

Created On: 01/04/2013 11:10:53

I met her a few years ago, so what to say: guys contact her and have fun! Her strength is great!


Created On: 11/02/2010 13:45:46

Cinthia was one of the MOST AMAZING sessions, Ive ever had. Not only is her height intimidating, but so is her strength. She easily picked up my 230 lbs as if I was just a child and carried me around the room. It is nearly impossible to move, once she has a hold on you.
Feedback from Cinthia: I don't make "blinds trip" so when I insert one city in my tour list that means that there are already a minimum of applicants for session so no. 15 are required in the US and CANADA or no. 10 in the EUROPE to plan an official tour.

I can also travel for a single request in the EUROPE, US and CANADA but this solution provides different costs so please send me an email to inform you about it :


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