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Ashley Athens Profile Page

Ashley Athens
United States
3 years ago


I travel frequently to Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, BC.

Sessions in these locations MUST be booked at least a week in advance with all expenses paid (minus airfare/travel if I am already scheduled to be there).

I am available for travel to any other locations with all expenses prepaid and a MINIMUM $500 USD per day away from home.

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About Me
5'1” - 154 cm
120 lbs - 54.4 kg
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  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Muscle Admiration
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Hi guys, my name's Ashley and I've been competing in women's bodybuilding and women's physique for about six years now. I just won a major regional contest and am preparing for my first national show.

I am 14 weeks out so not super-ripped like in my profile pic from last month but am definitely impressively lean and cut.

June is completely booked, as is much of July. I have some spots available late July and early August. I do not travel the last six weeks before a contest.

First of all, some guidelines. Please read before contacting me!

- No travel requests outside of my listed schedule unless YOU are paying all expenses! This is not a side gig for me; this is my full-time JOB. It would be extremely rude of me to ask you to drop everything and fly out to me to do your job, right?
- I am not inclined to provide free chat sessions or multiple additional photos.
- My rate is $300 per hr, 1 hr minimum, non-negotiable. DEPOSITS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED for clients without references.
- Please let me know when you would like your session at the time of your initial email.
- Hotels only.
- I do not offer competitive wrestling.
- No cam shows. You are welcome to take pics or video during your session.
- Contact me by email only, no private messages.
- I do not respond to people who obviously did not read the guidelines or who think they do not need to adhere to them. Repeated e-mails or messages from such people are blocked.
- Cancellations are not rescheduled. I am EXTREMELY busy!

Thank you all for your understanding. I make my living with my physique and do well enough to have the luxury of turning people down. Let's not waste my time or yours! Now, more about me...

I compete between 115 and 120 lbs and in the off-season weigh between 125 and 135. My max bench is 185; squat 265; deadlift 220.

I have 14" biceps, 21" quads, 14" calves and measure 48" around at the shoulders. My waist is between 24" (contest) and 27" (off-season). I am 36DD with hips between 33" and 36". My shoe size is usually an 8, depending on the style of shoe.

I am comfortable with lift-and-carry up to 180 lbs. I will do best with men under six feet tall.

My hair changes frequently; right now the current look is long and blond.

Thanks for looking and for being an admirer of female muscle!

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My ego puts my biceps to shame!

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Name Entry

Created On: 04/11/2013 17:06:20

I had a muscle worship/scissors/facesitting/smothering session with Ashley and it was world class!
I was on time and Ashley met me at the door with a great smile, she looked stunning in her work-out attire
(I had requested the attire). This being my first time, Ashley instantly made me feel at ease, we chatted for a bit
first, then got down to business. Ashley's legs, not withstanding the rest of her physique, are absolutely killer! She put
me in various head-scissor positions and I could tell she wasn't going 100% on this, as it would likely kill me; however, she
applied just the right amount of pressure for me to gain new respect for the power of a women's thighs! Similarly, her facesitting
and smothering was equally impressive...she held me in these positions with no possibility of my physically stopping her applying
just the right amount of pressure on my face...I was truly in heaven! Ashley definitely has talent for the above activities and I wouldn't hesitate to refer any other gents out there to Ashley that would like to experience this from a world class athletic woman!


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