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Los Angeles
United States
3 years ago

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Created On: 01/19/2013 23:41:48

I had been wanting to session with her for a while because I'm a big guy, around 6'4 (I thought I was taller to be honest) and 255, and for the type of session I want, she always seemed like my best bet.

Immediately, I was blown away by her size. I don't think I had ever seen a woman who was taller than me and that much bigger than me before (at one point she put on heels and was 6'11!). She wears her size well.

I knew she would be able to lift me, but I was absolutely amazed by the ease in which she did it. We also did some wrestling, and I'm actually embarrassed by how poorly I did. There's just no way to get control back from her. I don't know how smaller guys could even try. I'm actually motivated to go to the gym and train so that next time I can at least make her break a sweat.

I was nervous going into it but luckily she's an absolute sweetheart. Really funny and outgoing. She didn't watch the clock at all, even when we spent a lot of time talking during the times I needed to take a break. She's just a really cool lady.

I couldn't recommend her more... really, I'm still almost in shock with how easily she was able to throw me around. I'm certain I'll be seeing her again, and she's really set the bar extremely high for future sessions with anyone else.


Created On: 03/22/2012 07:34:50
Edited By goldrake On: 03/22/2012 07:35:04

I met Blyte twice in the past, and I had some of the funniest sessions ever. You need to be in good shape to survive her! Highly reccomended


Created On: 03/11/2012 15:03:55

Met Blythe in SOCA and had an amazing session. She's absolutely enormous. Biggest woman I've ever seen. She tossed me around like a child and I'm 6'3", 245lbs. Once she wraps either her arms or legs around you, you're tapping out because you realize she's tremendously strong, 360 lbs. and you're not moving any part of her unless she allows it. Easily the strongest and biggest out there and she's a doll. Very sweet, great sense of humor and totally into your having fun. Stupendous time!!


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